Thursday, 13 July 2017

Module 6 Chapter 4

Taking a closer look

This chapter was about looking closely at a drawing and selecting areas to study further.  I started off by making small drawings of some of the photographs I had taken.  I hope you can see these pencil marks.

The first one is the river with the trees alongside.

This second one is the wild garlic.  It's difficult to get the flowers right but I think this will work better with a stamp.  I shall try that in a later chapter.

The third one is marsh marigolds which grow along the river bank.

From here I did two more drawings from a section of the ones above.

I then photocopied these and coloured them using acrylics, watercolours and gouache. 

My river is a bit too dark but I liked the effect I go on these backgrounds/

Feeling a bit adventurous I then did a painting of the river and trees which I did without any drawing, painting straight onto the paper.

I have been painting papers with my final book in mind and have some lovely pieces that would make a background for this part of the river.  
Although I have chosen a topic that doesn't easily offer design shapes because the foliage is dense and there is very little but foliage, I am glad I chose this as my topic for my book.  I think it will come together in the end.  I have been out photographing the area with it's summer plumage on and it is very much richer than it was in spring.

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  1. You were brave trying to draw wild garlic. We have masses of it in our wild garden and I resorted to photographing he flowers and playing with them in Photoshop to see what I could achieve. I gave up on the drawing.