Thursday, 27 July 2017

Module 6 Chapter 5

Repeat Patterns.

I started this chapter by doing a few drawings of the most obvious pattern in my photographs and that was the wooden bridge.

I then looked at one of my drawings of wild garlic to see if I could get a pattern from there.

I took a section off using part of the flower and part of the adjoining leaf.

Shortly after doing these I went for a walk in the valley and took some more photographs of it in summer finery.  This then gave me a new set of ideas to work with.

This is the boardwalk that runs all down one side of the river.  It is made of wood with non-slip strips attached to it.  I drew the design on a sheet of A4 paper, cut it out and then cut it into various sized strips.  I glued these into my sketchbook in a random order then isolated one section as a pattern.

This section was photocopied several times to give me enough pieces to do the repeat pattern.  I did two versions, one of which I coloured with watercolour pencils.

This design is from the trees in the valley with their reflections in the water creating a triangular pattern.  I then decided to make it look more organic and did the one below.  I photocopied the first piece and cut it up and reorganised the pieces to make the lower pattern which could then be repeated.

After this I looked through my new photographs and found this one which had a 'spray' leaf shape.

This made some nice simple repeat designs.

I then took the shape and cut lots of paper leaves out and placed them on the paper as if they were a clump in the woods.  I painted the backgrounds brown to represent the soil.

I then decided to cut the same shape in autumn colours to look like the dead leaves but when they are placed in this way, they look a lot more like a fire.

I then used the leaf and the boardwalk designs within a grid and although I tried to place the shapes randomly, I still managed to get some repeats quite close to each other.

I photocopied my paper piece and marked up some areas that I thought might make interesting designs.

I drew a simplified version of the box on the left and coloured it in.

 I then traced off a copy of it into my sketchbook and then I traced it onto clear plastic..

This is two versions of the two copies.

This is three copies.

This is five copies

This is seven copies.

An interesting chapter this.  I enjoyed looking for the patterns and drawing and printing them.  The boardwalk designs shows that a very simple beginning can develop into a very complex design.

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